What Happens If I Don T Use My Insurance Money To Fix My Roof – Know Here

Do you know what happens if i don t use my insurance money to fix my roof , Can insurance companies ask for money back?, Can I keep insurance money and not fix house. All of your question are being answered correctly here.

Yes, if you claimed insurance for your roof replacement and thinking of not to fixing the roof then what will be the consequence. is there will be a legal penalty. we are guiding you in this matter. Keep reading this article till the end for getting complete clarification on this.

What Happens If I Don T Use My Insurance Money To Fix My Roof

In general, insurance money is given to fix your roof should be utilised but what happens if you don’t….! It can affects badly on the things. many of people use that money elsewhere.

They don’t know disadvantages of not using insurance money to intended purpose. here are some expected consequences if you don’t use your insurance money to fix the roof.

Diminished Property Value

Alright, you are not using insurance money to fix your roof but think about that time when you will be selling the house. if you think you will not sell it in future then it’s okay. but in order to sell a home or property, value of that property will be decreased if roof is not repaired.

As well as if it is damaged then even no one wants to buy it. Because of he or she thinks repairing the roof will be costly after buying that property.

Higher Premiums

This is a drawback of not utilizing insurance money to fix the roof. Next time, your premiums will be more expensive. so if you don’t want to make your premiums higher then choose to use insurance money to fix the roof at all. even sometimes, insurance coverage can be cancelled. This is also a bad consequence of what happens if i don t use my insurance money to fix my roof.

Hard To Get Insurance Again

It’s upon you. you use insurance money or not but must think about it’s a future. You should think for a long term. Next time when you will be willing insurance again. Insurance companies may not accept your claims regarding your house or roof. It happens with many people when they don’t use insurance money to fix the roof.

Warranty Loss

You can loose warranty of various types of materials related to roof if you are not using insurance money to fix your roof. As you understand well there are so many things in roof replacement that comes with guarantee and warranty. You can be far from these special things. This is secondly what happens if i don t use my insurance money to fix my roof.

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Policy Cancellation

In less of cases, there is a possibility that your policy might be stopped or cancelled by insurers. Some people have experienced it. their policy canceled by the company after they used insurance money in other works, not in repairing the roof.

Surcharges May Apply

In case, policy is not cancelled, surcharges may be applied there. Your coverage’s and premium’s cost can be high. by the way, if house or that roof is again corrupted in upcoming time and you will be claiming again for similar issues then you may be subject to paying extra charges. Company can take different types of fees and even if you apply for another insurance company their might be problems.

Legal Consequences

Legally that is not good if you don’t utilize insurance money. that’s given to fix the roof. misusing insurance money is also considered as an offence and it can give you some penalties as well. you maybe required to pay fines additionally. This generally does not happen but it depends on your insurance company and it’s term and conditions which you have selected.

Voiding of Coverage

You can loose all the benefits given by insurance company to you. as well as your coverage can be voided. For future incidents you have to be responsible yourself. Voiding of coverage means your policy can be terminated for the permanent time as well.

What is a Roof Insurance Claim?

Roof insurance claim is just all about repairing the roof. Anyone can apply for roof insurance if the roof is damaged. When you have a roof insurance, the company will give you the cost of it. Another considerable thing is all types of roofs are not subject to be eligible to get insurance.

If you feel your roof is not in a good condition, you can try to get insurance coverage for it. Those types of roof which are affected by cloudburst, thunderstorm or any other natural disaster are completely eligible to get an instant insurance for replacement. Get remembered you have exact evidences of that destroyed your roof while applying for roof replacement insurance.

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What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Roof Insurance Money

If roof replacement money is given to you by an Insurance company. Do not waste this money to any other things elsewhere. Otherwise it can be problematic to you. Do not use this money to other home improvements. You should use this money appropriately. here are some things that should not be done with an insurance money.

Don’t Misuse

That is very much crucial to use insurance money to the intended purpose only. You are not allowed to use this money for your personal purchases or other unrelated expenses and vacations etc. If you still misuse insurance funds, you already know what happens if i don t use my insurance money to fix my roof. as we described all the consequences above.

Don’t Postpone Repairs

Don’t do delay in repairing the roof if insurance money is already given to you. don’t postpone necessary repairs, otherwise that can be harmful to your home as well as Insurance company may stop services.

Don’t Undertake The Repairs Yourself

Many of people think that they can repair damage themselves without getting professional contractors. insurance companies don’t allow to do this and there are licenced and verified professional contractors for repairing.


Dear readers, in today’s this guide we discussed about what happens if i don t use my insurance money to fix my roof and all other issues related to insurance money of roof replacement.

We hope that all of your questions unlike: what is roof replacement insurance, what happens if you don’t use insurance money for repairs on home..have been answered completely. if still it exists any other doubt in your mind can ask us.


1. Can you keep insurance claim money for roof

Keeping Insurance claim money might be possible in very few cases. Normally it is not suggested. for further understanding you should check all the details of your insurance policy.

2. Can insurance companies ask for money back?

In fraud situation, overpayment policy violation and in subrogation, insurance companies can ask for money back.

3. Can I keep insurance money and not fix house

Basically it’s not recommended to keep insurance money and not fixing house or the roof. In very few cases, it might be possible to keep that money without repairing immediately.

4. How long do you have to make repairs after insurance claim

It’s a better to check all the documents of your policy. because the timeframe of making repairs is not fixed. in general, necessary damages should be repaired as soon as possible.

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