How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going Live (Easy Method)

Bigo is a popular Live streaming portal where people make money through Going live. But what is the way to them who don’t want to go live on camera. Are you one of them? Do you want to know How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going Live so you are at the right place.

Yes, here we are showing the best method to make money on bigo without going live. Earning money on Bigo without Live is quite possible but for it you need to know the right ways which are given here.

If you really are curios to know that How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going Live, this article is definitely going to guide you. Keep reading this article carefully.

Can You Make Money On BIGO Without Going Live?

Yes, definitely it is possible. You can make money on bigo without going live.
While bigo is well known for live streaming. Most of people know live streaming methods to earn on bigo. But you must know that there are other easy ways to make money without going live. anyone who has some talent or skill can earn on bigo.

Maybe you get surprised to know that even watching videos can give you good money on bigo. How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going step by step guide is mentioned below.

How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going Live

400 million+ people are using bigo but  of them are actually doing great. as they are making money. so many people are there who are earning $50k to $100k in a month. you can do the same as well.

Although many people earn money by live streaming but if you don’t want to be live then Here are the ways to you about how to make money on bigo without going live.

#1.Watching Videos

Just by watching videos you can make money on bigo. yes off course many people are doing the same and getting paid. what you need to do is just watching videos. When you watch video on bigo you can get virtual gifts. after having these gifts you can convert into real cash money. this is absolutely a better way to make money on bigo without going live.

#2.Completing Surveys

Who does not like to go live on bigo and wants to earn money. this is one of the easiest way to him/her. On bigo you could make money by completing surveys which is not very hard. it takes less time and give you much money.

#3.Become An Agent

If you become an agent on bigo live you could earn lots of money. if you are searching for how to make money on bigo without going live then it’s for you.

Yes, this is really an easiest way to make more but being an agent might be little bit hard. The person who wants to become an agent needs some experience for it. Lots of agencies are there providing good amount of income to an agent on bigo.

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#4.Play Games

The second way to make money on bigo without going live is playing games.

Yes, this is absolutely good for you if you like playing games. you find plenty of games on bigo to earn money online. while you play games and get diamonds that gives you cash money. lots of people are there earning with this method. once you should try it.

#5.Refer And Earn

You just need to refer bigo to your friends through your referral link. you instantly get cash on bigo. this is quite amazing way to earn money on bigo. you might have some groups, community on social media. you can share your bigo-referral link there. Also You can share it to your telegram groups, WhatsApp group and in others.

#6.Uploading Audios

If you are searching for how to make money on bigo without going live then the perfect and the best way for you is uploading audios. You could upload audio files on bigo. uploading audio can give you diamonds. Considerable talks is that your audio should be qualitative and awesome.

#7.Giving Reviews On Product

There are so many products and services on which you need to give a review, for that you get cash bonuses. which you can redeem in real money. you just have to select services in which you are expert or you have some opinion give your reviews on those and make money easily.

#8.Share Your Skills

You must have at least one skill or talent that you can share on bigo for getting paid. yes indeed, in whatever field you are expert, try to teach about that. do not worry about how to teach. you just need to upload videos. Thus you can get diamonds and in this method, you are not required for going live.

#9.Get Participated In Award Winning

It might be good thing to you. There are much of competitions or in other words it could be said contests. Participating in this will give you amazing Awards or rewards which you can redeem into real money. for participating in contests, you do not need going live or any further hard work.

#10.Be As A Freelancer

This is a great way to earn money on bigo without going live. whatever skill you exist, mention about it on your profile. make your profile attractive. there is a freelancing feature on bigo where you can list your all skills. You can sell your small services that you know. If you are curious about how to make money on bigo without going live then this is a good method to you.

#11.Try to Become A Host

If you officially become a host on bigo that’s great opportunity for generating income to you. Moreover you could establish a good connection with your friends and organize question-answer series. through that you will be making money fastly.

#12.Selling Digital Products

One can sell digital products as ebooks, online tutorials, paintings and other types of services on bigo and get paid for it.

Designing digital project is easier. Bigo has Digital Store to it’s users. where they can sell their products and make money. If you question that how to make money with bigo without going live so this is just for you.

#13.Join Affiliate Program

Bigo has its own affiliate program to its users so that one can join it and just by promoting will get a good high amount of commission. This is another way to get paid without going live on bigo. Probably if you have some groups aur following on social media or if you run a blog, then you can share this affiliate program on those platforms.

How To Withdraw Money From Bigo Live

Withdrawing money from bigo is not a difficult task. Make confirmed you have reached or touched minimum withdrawal amount. As you need 6,000 beans in your account to cash out. Once, you accomplish it.

You easily could withdraw your money. To withdraw your money from Bigo, all the steps are given below should be followed.

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Select Withdrawal Method

In general, bigo provides Paypal-Transfer Method for cashing out your money. Apart from that choosing bank is another option to withdraw your money. In case, your PayPal account not there, can choose bank transfer.
Hereafter, share you bank details or PayPal address on Bigo and get your money transferred to you account.

How To Be Successful On Bigo

Consistency, Continuity and giving quality content is a key of success in every Field even on Bigo. Moreover, There is no any other secret to be successful.

Work Consistently

Whatever you do, maintain consistency on Bigo. If you go live. Do it in frequency. Give a time on daily basis. Thus it will bring you to the success point. Why people don’t become successful on bigo because of they work nor with consistency of content, neither with regularity. This is very mandatory to get a good success.

Engagement with Followers

Being engaged with your audience is crucial part to be successful on bigo. Taking feedbacks from your audience, asking them about what they want, implementing their suggestions in your content will bring you to the path of success.

How To Make Money On Bigo Live

Till now, we’ve mentioned that How To Make Money On Bigo Without Going Live. By the way if you can stream, you are comfortable with going live then you can make money easily with methods given below.

Receive Virtual Gifts

By entertaining your audience you get virtual gifts on bigo. through different types of method, get engaged with your audience and entertain them. entertain more and more. you will get more and more virtual gifts which you can exchange in real money.

Quality Content

Quality content is a real secret to become successful. When you give high quality content to your audience on bigo without any doubt you get high amount of money. so focus on your content. Content is the king.

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How Much Does Bigo Live Pay

It can’t be determined. it is upon you how much you work you get paid. You have to share your skills with the time. when you get a good fame can make even 50000 USD
It’s a well known a famous person on bigo as named “Rico Tian” is earning up to $100k USD monthly.

That maybe surprising to you. It represents that anyone can earn on bigo and the amount can be unlimited. As becoming a host on Bigo can give you up to $10,000. Overall your salary depends on your content and your work.

How Many Hours Do You Have To Do On Bigo Live?

To become successful on bigo you should give one hour everyday. In the sense, on monthly basis you should spend 25 to 30 hours on bigo for making a good amount of money. If you give 30 hours in a month on bigo and work smartly can make money easily.


Dear readers, all the methods to make money on bigo have been mentioned in this article are genuine. We tried to explain how to make money on bigo without going live. All of you questions as How Much Does Bigo Live Pay, How To Make Money On Bigo Live etc.

If you still have a doubt or query can ask here in comment box. For other information regarding how to make money on bigo, visit to menu section of this website.


1. Can you earn money in Bigo Live

Ans. Yes you can. almost several methods to make money on bigg are given above in this article. anyone who is passionate to make money online can earn from Bigo.

2. How can you make money on BIGO without going live?

Ans. Watching videos and getting rewards, uploading audios, putting reviews, selling digital products, becoming an agent or host are the best ways to make money on bigo without going live.

3. Can I withdraw my virtual gifts whenever I want?

Ans. Yes, of course. you can withdraw your virtual gifts to real money but there is a minimum amount of criteria that you have to qualify.

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